My wife and I were woken up early this morning by our 5 yr old. It was still very dark outside being January. I live in the country so the stars are very bright and with no clouds they are particularly clear. I noticed out my window what at first I thought was a satellite moving quickly to the east. I have seen many satellites over the years and something struck me as odd. First of all it was actually changing direction as it traveled and then changed its speed slowing down. The weirdest thing was when I pointed it out to my wife and daughter the UFO started flashing off and on in different sequences...this my sound strange but I actually believe it was communicating with me. I felt an incredibly strong pull to the object. Then it vanished from sight. This isn't the first UFO I've seen. I have even had a day time sighting where it vanished after hovering then reappeared.The change in direction and flashing was definitely under intelligent control. There is nothing to my knowledge that acts like that. I have family and friends in the military and even engineers in aviation. I have a good understanding of what our aircraft both civilian and military can do. I checked the NASA web site to see if anything was in the area. Nothing of course. I wish our government would come clean with disclosure. Even better...I hope these visitors will actually make personnel friendly contact with me. I'm not a weirdo...I'm an educated business owner who makes a good living and raising a normal beautiful family. Alien visitors a normal natural part of our existence that's being with held from the public... I hope those days of ignorance is soon over. I would be happy to take a lie detector test on either sighting. These past few sightings gave convinced me without a doubt that an advanced alien species is visiting us from another world...NO QUESTION! I would be happy to discuss any of my sightings with Mufon...I enjoyed our last phone conversation. Thank you.
I was about a half mile away driving toward two very bright lights that were stationary. They were bright and large and at first I thought it was a street light because it was so close to the ground. Driving toward it, it was North West from me. As I got closer to it I realized it was clearly in the sky and not a street light. It was still not moving until I got very close and it started moving. I then saw 3 lights giving it the appearance of a triangle shape. It moved directly over me, slowly. I had to look through my sunroof to see it directly over me. I then saw 4 lights giving it the appearance of a square. I rolled my window down to see if I could hear anything and I didn't, only my car. I continued down the street and turned right down my street. It was slightly ahead of me now but also heading down my street. It started moving quickly and then flew away. I really thought I was seeing a UFO. My 7 year old daughter was with me and was the one who first noticed the bright lights, asking what it was. Of course I came home and my husband said it could have been a drone. I just know for a fact it was not a plane or a helicopter. At the time I did not take a picture or video. I was to shocked to even think what to do.
I was sound asleep and was woken by a loud pulsating humming sound above my house at my bedroom window. When a very bright light shon in my window through my blind like it was not there. I have never really been afraid of any thing but in this night I could not bring myself to go and look. As mush as I wish I did now, the light only lasted seconds before slowly moving off to the south. By this stage I was wide awake and could not believe what just happened, excited but unsure. To the point where I asked the lady Nextdoor if she herd anything to witch she answered yes I did wasn't it a strange noise. Than I said did you see the light to witch she answered no I did not. Than I said I'm glad you herd it too thank you. With that we both just left it at that and went back inside. Not to long before that I did meditate/pray/ repeat to my self please come please show me please take me. Careful what you wish for. Next chance I get I will go outside to see.
Alien apeared in my room blocking light that shine underneath my bedroom door from the bathroom which light was always on during night.shear panic and fear overcame me goosebumps(which I get everytime I think or tell this story yo this day)millions of thoughts raced through my head as I lay perfectly still.then. it planted words in to my own thoughts. I heard my own voice. As all my thoughts literly molded to tether as I heard my voice say ""Max he knows u know hes right behind u"as I heard myself finish that sentice after u..........2taps on my left shoulder.(I was physacly touched.)when I rolled over I imediatly. Parilized unable to physacly responsed to my brains comands.rufly 3mins went by heart slowed down to no heartbeat for 2 maybe 3mins. Never saw anything but when it left my heart violantly pumped again and that was that.however when I was 28. I took a selfy. And I believe the same entity speared behind me in pic.origanal was color and its normal once I changed photo to blk and why it clearly spears behind me.(I still have that pic)this is a longer story cuz this entity has periodicly visited me throughout my life and I have had same reacuring nightmare when ithappens. Even since age of 4 I remember this nightmare will explain that if asked in person.willing yo take pollygragh and hypnosis.

Symbolizing an End as well as a Beginning-- Signifying Renewal as well as Change."


By Makia Freeman

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The JFK Assassination, still to this day, now 52 years later is a subject that...

Thom Reed- UFO Congress, AZ - Feb 2015

Monument Dedicated to Historic Reed Family UFO Incident Shakes up Small Massachussets Town Politics

By Brent L. Smith

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This past year has not only...

John Lennon Death - Mirror

John Lennon Was Assassinated 35 Years Ago Today

By Mark R. Elsis

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"If the masses started to accept UFOs, it would profoundly affect their...



The German UFO - Haunebu Mark III


By Steve Erdmann

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The Rev. Scott Gerard Prinster is a Ph.D....





By Chris Holly

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A paranormal researcher friend of mine contacted me about my past interviews with...

hi tech hearing aids capture sound of ufo -mstar enh 1

The Historic “Laguna Lake ‘Theremin UFO’ Incident

Hi-Tech Hearing Aids Capture the Sound Of UFO

By Jeff Krause, MUFON Investigator

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On November 06,...



By Pat Regan  

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Date: 5 January 2016

Time:  11:35 pm

I was chatting with my wife whilst drinking tea in our...